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Russian e-visa

Russian e-visa to is now available. By applying for an e-visa using Lähialuematkat visa service in Finnish or English language, you will receive your visa quickly and without any mistakes. We will take care of the e-visa process on your behalf and deliver the ready e-visa according to your order.

E-visa is applied in Russian or English directly to the electronic system of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The ready e-visa is a separate document, which must be presented to the border authority upon entry and exit of the Russia.

Russian e-visa with ease and flawlessness

It is very important to have no mistakes in the e-visa, since it does not go through the consulate, where they could check the correctness of the data. Border authorities can block the entry to the country even for the slightest mistake in your e-visa.

Let our qualified expert to handle an e-visa for you. We will fill out your online e-visa application using your passport data and other provided information. Our expert will make sure that the visa is issued correctly.

300 Eur guarantee for e-visa

If the border authorities refuse an entry for you because of the mistakes in passport data in the e-visa that we made – we will make a traditional express visa (worth 300 Eur) for you and pay shipping expenses.

Apply for an e-visa at Lähialuematkat’s SoloVisa service in one of our offices either on Vuorimiehenkatu 3 or Helsinki Central railway station. The e-visa total fee is 85 Eur and you can pay it conveniently online, at our office or via the link sent to you in advance.

The following is included into Lähialuematkat e-visa service

  • Accuracy - 300 Eur express visa with one working day delivery if the border authority denies you access to Russia because the information on the e-visa that we made does not match the information in your passport
  • Consulting services in Finnish or English language during the whole visa application process
  • We check, if your travel destination is included into e-visa area
  • Easy application form, both in Finnish and English
  • If you have a paper photo, we will make it into digital one. Also, we can modify your digital photo to fit the required format
  • E-visa can be paid online, using Paytrail service
  • We will keep you updated on your e-visa status and will notify you when your visa is ready
  • You can check the status of your application by yourself online
  • We check the ready visa carefully
  • We will deliver the ready e-visa to any chosen destination (shipping fees are not included)
  • You will be informed if you got a refusal and we will assist you in applying for a traditional visa in this case

Border crossing points with e-visa

By Air: "Vladivostok (Knevichi)", "Juzhno-Sakhalinsk (Khomytovo)", "Petropavlovsk-Kamtšatski (Jelizovo)", "Habarovsk (Novy)", "Anadyr (Ugolny)", "Kaliningrad (Hrabrovo)", "Ulan-Ude (Muhino)", "Tšita (Kadala)", "Pulkovo", "Belgorod", "Volgograd (Gumrak)", "Jekaterinburg (Koltsovo)", "Kazan", "Krasnodar (Paškovski)", "Krasnojarsk (Jemeljanovo)", "Moskova (Vnukovo)", "Moskova (Domodedovo)", "Moskova (Šeremetjevo)", "Nizhni Novgorod (Strigino)", "Novosibirsk (Tolmačevo)", "Rostov-na-Donu (Platov)", "Samara (Kurumotš)", "Sotši", "Irkutsk", "Tšeljabinsk (Balandino)", "Arhangelsk (Talagi)", "Astrahan (Narimanovo)", "Brjansk", "Vladikavkaz (Beslan)", "Groznyi (Severnyi)", "Zhukovski", "Kaluga (Grabtsevo)", "Lipeck", "Mahatškala (Ujtaš)", "Mineralnyje Vody", "Murmansk", "Nalitšk", "Saratov (Gagarin)", "Syktyvkar", "Tomsk (Bogaševo)", "Jaroslavl (Tunošna)", "Abakan", "Barnaul", "Kemerovo", "Omsk (Tsentralnyi)", "Orenburg (Tsentralnyi)", "Perm (Bolšoe Savino)", "Tjumen (Roštšino)", "Uljanovsk (Vostočnyi)", "Ufa", "Tšeboksary".

By Sea: "Vladivostok", "Zarubino", "Posyet", "Korsakov", "Petropavlovsk-Kamtšatski", "Kaliningrad (osat kaupungeissa Kaliningrad ja Svetlyi)", "Vyssotsk", "Bolshoy port Sankt-Peterburg (osat Morskoi vokzal, Fort Konstantin, Angliiskaya naberezhnaya ja naberezhnaya Leitenanta Šmidta)", "Passažirskiy port Sankt-Peterburg", "Sotši (osat Kansainvälinen meriliikenteen ja risteilyjen keskus)", "Magadan", "Nikolajevsk-na-Amure".

By train: "Pogranitšnyi", "Hasan", "Makhallino", "Mamonovo", "Sovetsk", "Sankt-Peterburg - Finljandski", "Zabaikalsk", "Nauški".

By Car: "Poltavka", "Turiy Rog", "Bagrationovsk", "Gusev", "Mamonovo (Gzhekotki)", "Mamonovo (Gronovo)", "Morskoe", "Pogranitšnyi", "Sovetsk", "Tšernyševskoje", "Ivangorod", "Vaalimaa", "Niirala", "Imatra", "Kjachta", "Ubylinka", "Buratški", "Värtsilä", "Kunitsina Gora", "Šumilki", "Verhni Ljars", "Vartius", "Solovjevsk", "Starotsuruhajtuiski".

By Walk: "Ivangorod".

Other: "Habarovsk", "Blagoveshchensk", "Amurzet", "Pokrovka".

What is e-visa?

  • Electronic visa (e-visa) is a single-entry visa, which can be applied for business, private tourist or humanitarian (cultural, sports, science, art, research) purpose of visit 
  • Applying the e-visa by yourself from the authority´s system is free of charge. 
  • You can apply for e-visa 4-60 days before the intended travel date
  • The passport must be valid for at least 6 months after applying for an e-visa
  • The e-visa is valid for 60 days, during which you can stay in the e-visa area for up to 16 days

Required documents

The following documents should be submitted in order to obtain e-visa to Russia. Deliver the document to Lähialuematkat by email, bring them to one of our offices or send them by post or Matkahuolto.

These documents are applicable only for Finnish and Swedish citizens. If you are not a citizen of Schengen area, please contact our customer service.


A copy of the information page. Passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of applying for an e-visa.


Electronic high quality color passport photo, which is up to 6 months old. If you take the photo yourself it must be taken from at least 2 m distance and against white background. If needed, we can change your color paper passport photo in electronical form.

Application submission service form

Fill carefylly the form, so that we can fill in all information asked in the e-visa application. Click here to get to the form and instructions. If you are traveling for a day trip, kindly answer "day trip" to the question regarding the type of accommodation.

Travel Insurance Certificate

Travel insurance is needed when traveling to Russia. Carry throughout your trip a certificate of your travel insurance. There is no need to send the certificate for us when applying for an e-visa. The insurance company's certificate must be written in Finnish, English or Russian (A4) with a logo or a stamp. The insurance should cover costs in case of sudden illness, transporting of the deceased, and it must be valid at least for the period of validity of the e-visa. Passenger's name, the same as in the passport, date of birth, insurance number, date of expire, the content of the insurance and the name of the author of the certificate should be included.