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Lähialuematkat started its operations as a Russian visa provider. Today, we have grown to one of the biggest visa specialist and will provide visas all over the world.  Place your visa order online or visit our office in Helsinki. We take care of the consulate connections on your behalf, and make sure you will get the right kind of visa on time. We will start the visa process as soon all visa documents (such as a passport, photo and visa application) needed for consulate handling reach us. Always remember to sign the filled visa application form, consulate does not accept it unsigned.

Should you have any questions regarding countries of destination or visa requirements in general, do not hesitate to ask for assistance.

Kindly notice that our Central railway station office is closed until further notice. Our visa specialist team will be available by phone on Mon - Fri at 09 - 16.  Tel. +358 9 6689 570, email: Our main office at Vuorimiehenkatu will be open on Mon - Fri at 09 - 15. 

Oder your visa online - SoloVisa

Place your visa order easily online. You will get detailed instructions needed for a visa in question, including the price and list of required documents. If you mail the documents for us, we redcommend you to use express mail or Matkahuolto Secured Transport Service, so that you can follow the delivery. 

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Visas to Russia

We provide tourist-, business-, work-, student- and humanitarian Russian visas. For example, you can have your turist visa in 7 - 9 (regular processing), 4 - 6 (accelerated processing) or 1 -2 (rapid processing) working days.

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Russian e-visa

Russian e-visa is now available. By applying for an e-visa using Lähialuematkat visa service in Finnish or English language, you will receive your visa quickly and without any mistakes. We will take care of the e-visa process on your behalf and deliver the ready e-visa according to your order.

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Visas to Belarus

Tourist, business, private and transit visas to Belarus within 6 - 8 working days.

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Visas to Mongolia

Tourist, business and transit visas to Mongolia within 10 - 12 working days. From this link you will get a transmongolian visa as well.  

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Visas to China

Tourist and business visas to China within 2 - 6 working days.

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Visas to Kazakhstan

Finnish citizens do not need a visa while travelling to Kazakhstan for less than 30 days. This visa waiver is valid until further notice.


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Visas to India

Tourist, business and employment visas to India within 6 - 8 working days.

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