11.6. Government policy on border traffic | Lähialuematkat

11.6. Government policy on border traffic

In line with the Government’s hybrid strategy, Finland has announced on June 11 new outlines regarding the border traffic.

Border control at internal borders will change in Finland on 15 June so that controls at internal borders will be lifted for certain countries and modes of transport. Internal border control will be abolished from 15 June.

Restrictions on border traffic will continue at external borders, in other words at the Russian border and for those arriving from other third countries, until 14 July. Return traffic to Finland, transit traffic at Helsinki Airport and other essential traffic will be allowed at the external borders. Family members of Finnish citizens may enter the country regardless of nationality.

Link to release: https://valtioneuvosto.fi/en/article/-/asset_publisher/10616/lahimatkailun-rajoituksia-puretaan-osittain-ulkorajoilla-rajoitukset-pysyvat-ennallaan