29.10.2020 update – Russian travel regulations | Lähialuematkat

29.10.2020 update – Russian travel regulations

Traffic on the Finnish-Russian border is still allowed only for exceptional cases. This news item brings together the current and the most common regulations of the Russian authorities regarding the travel of foreign and Russian citizens. If you have any questions, kindly contact our visa service specialist.

Negative COVID-19 test required

A negative COVID-19 test will be required for all foreign passengers entering the country. Upon entry, a certificate of the negative test result, not older than 3 calendar days, must be presented.

A Russian citizen can also take the COVID-19 test in Russia, within three days of arriving in the country. The citizen must register the test result on the national website gosuslugi.ru. In practice, data registration is currently possible on arrival by air only.


14-day quarantine is mandatory only for persons coming to work in Russia. For others, the quarantine regulation has been cancelled.

Right of a Russian citizen to leave country

The right of a Russian citizen to leave country is restricted, and will apply to land traffic only. The person can leave the country one time after 30.03.2020, e.g. for the following reasons:

Citizenship of another country, residence permit, moving to work or studying in another country, compelling medical reasons, visit to close relatives (other than family member). In addition, employees performing certain work duties may apply a government permission to leave the country.

Kindly notice, that the person can leave Russia multiple times when visiting the family member.

The restriction on Russian nationality does not apply to freight transport operators nor flight, train or ship personnel.


Who can enter Russia?

The following foreign nationals can enter the country:

  1. State cooperation, freight drivers, flight, ship and train crew members
  2. Family members of a Russian citizen, funeral of a close relative
  3. Holders of a residence permit (note that a work visa рабочая виза is not the same as a residence permit)
  4. Technical maintenance and installation staff whose invitation letter has been provided by the Ministry of the Interior to the Ministry of the Interior and the FSB
  5. Medical reasons, foreign nationals in need of a urgent medical care


In addition, the holder of a highly qualified work visa may enter Russia with a special permit. The Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce (FRCC) will assist its Finnish members in obtaining such a permit.

What visas are issued to Russia at the moment?

Currently, you can travel to Russia with the following visas. Lähialuematkat will be happy to assist you in obtaining a visa.

  1. Visa for drivers as well as ship, train and flight crew members. Lähialuematkat will help arrange the official invitation letter.
  2. Technical maintenance visas. The Russian partner must arrange a permit and invitation letter from the Ministry of Industry.
  3. Private visit to a Russian family member. If a Russian family member is currently in Finland, he or she must deal in person at the Russian consulate. Please note that appointments must be made in advance at the consulate. A close relative living in Russia must turn to the migration authority, which will issue an official invitation.
  4. Work visas for a highly skilled worker. An invitation must be arranged by the Russian employer.
  5. Visa for urgent medical care for foreign nationals. For this visa the clinic must get the invitation through Ministry of Internal Affairs in Russia. SoloVisa service will take care of the invitation, and our total price for this visa type will be 590 eur.