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Changes in Chinese visa regulations

No further action needed for Lähialuematkat visa customers

In recent years, the demand for Chinese visas has steadily increased. In order to ensure smooth visa processing service also in the future, the Chinese Embassy has introduced their co-operating partner Chinese Visa Application Service Center. The Service Center will open in Helsinki on 19.6.2018, from which day Lähialuematkat visa service will deliver your visa documents to Visa Application Service Center (instead of Chinese consulate) for further processing. The consulate will grant visas as before.

There will be increase in Chinese visa price. The Service Center will confirm new raised rates, which will be updated in SoloVisa and Lähialuematkat page. The Service Center´s service fee will be included in new visa prices.

As Lähialuematkat and SoloVisa customer you will proceed with your Chinese visa order as usual. No extra action from your part is needed.

Privacy policy: The Visa Application Centre has informed that the Center is established under the specific laws and regulations of the country where it is registered. It is strictly bound to follow these laws and will take various measures to protect the personal information and documents of applicants.