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Changes in invitation letter - China visa

According to the information received from the Chinese Visa Application Services Center, the invitation letter for business visa affirmed by the Chinese invitee organisation will need to be more detailed in the future. The invitation letter must also be presented to the border authorities upon arrival in China, ie the invitation must be carried along.

In case of a multiple-entry visa, an invitation required for the border authorities must be presented by the latest inviting organization. So, if the inviting organization changes, please remember to get a new invitation. Border authorities may make a verification call to the contact number in the invitation.

The invitation letter must include:

  • Personal Information (full name, date of birth, gender)
  • Purpose and time of the trip
  • Information to apply for single / double / multiple-entry visa
  • Information of the invitee (organization name, contact name, telephone number and email), signature and stamp.

The invitation can also be a copy.