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Chinese consulate news

Changes in the processing times of Chinese visas

From 20.5 the Chinese consulate and the Chinese Visa Application Service Center introduce changes in the processing times of Chinese visas as follows:

Normal processing: 4 working days

Express processing: 3 working days

Urgent processing: 2 working days

The prices of normal and express processing remained unchanged. For urgent processing we charge 298€.

Visa Application Service Center is serving limited

Due to the coronavirus, the Visa Application Service Center is open on a limited basis and it is possible to submit applications and give fingerprints only on Thursday mornings. Please note, that in case of express and urgent processing, the Visa Application Service Center accepts applications only until 11:30.

Because of the limited opening times of the Visa Center, with the new processing times the visas will be ready as follows:

Normal processing: next Thursday

Express processing: next Monday

Urgent processing: Friday

As of now, in the online application form it is possible to choose only between normal and express processing times. Please inform us separately in case you wish to get your visa with urgent processing.

About corona vaccines and quarantine

The Chinese consulate can grant green code (HDC-QR) for a traveler with positive IgM-test result only if he/she has already got both doses of corona vaccine.

In case he/she has got only the first dose of corona vaccine, results of negative PCR-test and IgM-test are mandatory for getting the HDC-QR code from the consulate.

Apart from IgM or IgG positive results due to COVID-19 vaccination, passengers who have got confirmed COVID-19 infection history or have tested positive in any of PCR, IgM or IgG but not confirmed as infected with COVID-19 should provide lung CT or X-ray examination report produced by local hospital, as well as two PCR negative test certificates (with at least 24 hours interval). If these documents are acceptable, applicants should take 14 day quarantine and health condition supervision before travel. The Chinese Embassy in Finland will then issue the "HS/HDC" if the applicant can provide negative PCR and IgM certificates 48 hours before boarding.