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Effects of coronavirus on travel and visa

Effects of coronavirus on travel

Lähialuematkat will follow recommendations of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare on the effects of coronavirus (COVID-19) on travel. The bulletin published by the ministry on 12.3. recommends taking extra care and avoiding unnecessary travel.

When traveling to Russia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommended to exercise caution and allow more time to travel. Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not recommended to avoid travelling to Russia, and the Russian Federation has not  restricted travel from Finland to Russia. The city of Moscow has ordered people arriving from the most serious epidemic areas, such as Iran and China, to quarantine for 14 days. The Finnish Embassy in Moscow follows the regulations and recommendations of the Russian authorities. We recommend you follow their website and social media channels.

Lähialuematkat trips to Russia will continue as usual and will be subject to normal change and cancellation conditions. We will be in touch with our customers if there occur any changes to booked travel.

We apologize for the situation and hope that the pandemic will be resolved worldwide as soon as possible.

Visa costs are non-refundable

The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority confirms on its website during a pandemic travel that a passenger is not entitled to reimbursement of travel expenses that have been rendered useless by the cancellation. Such costs include visa costs, for example.

Read more: https://www.kkv.fi/en/current-issues/news/2020/11.3.2020-coronavirus-information-on-consumer-protection-for-travellers/

Addition on 13th of March: Ministry of Foreign Affairs (of Finland) has not recommended to avoid travelling to Russia.