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Update for 12.3. release regarding Lähialuematkat visa service

Due to the extraordinary situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs recommends avoiding traveling abroad for the time being. The travel bulletin for all countries as of March 14, 2020 is for now at the avoid all travel level.

Impact on visa costs

The authorities of each country comply with their own legislation. The traveler must always follow the instructions and regulations of the authorities of the country of destination. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs or the Finnish missions cannot influence the decisions of the authority of another state. For example, Russia has not so far restricted the travel from Finland to their country, so the Russian authority is currently operating in accordance with its own rule, and does not change the regulations currently in force, regarding e.g. visa costs or expiration dates.

We have had discussions with the Russian Embassy on 14 March, after the updated bulletin, if the consulate would come in, for example, by reducing the visa transfer costs. Unfortunately, the Russian authority stay firmly in line with the current regulation.

So, our earlier news release as of March 12 will stay in force: The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority confirms on its website during a pandemic travel that travelers are not entitled to compensation for expenses related to their trip that cannot now be made use of due to the cancellation of the trip. This includes, for example, visa costs. Read more: https://www.kkv.fi/en/current-issues/news/2020/11.3.2020-coronavirus-information-on-consumer-protection-for-travellers/

We are deeply sorry for this extraordinary situation and wish us all strength and understanding.