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UPDATED - Defective pages in Finnish passports

The National Police Board in Finland has informed that there have been complaints against passports, where the watermark in the passport´s visa page has been noticed to be upside down. Concurrently, there have been discussions in media where a person´s access to Russia was prevented due to the false watermark in passport.

The National Police Board confirmed the fact in their press releases, that these types of faulty passports have been issued during 2012 – 2016 and 2017. So far, there has been reported only few cases. In passports issued in 2012 - 2016, the watermark features a swan, and in passports issued from 2017 onwards, the watermark is a bear. (You will find the pictures of watermarks in the press release link).

Further it was stated, that even if the watermark is incorrectly upside down, the passport is still a valid travel document. However, there might arise problems with the passport at the border. The false watermark is easy to check against the light. If the swan or bear in the watermark in the visa page is upside down, take the passport to your nearest police station to apply for a new one, free of charge. Kindly notice, that the new passport will be granted for the duration of the remaining period of validity of the flawed passport.

If there is a valid travel visa in the faulty passport, you can claim compensation by showing the receipt of the visa at the police station.

For further information kindly contact your nearest police station.

Link to the official press release: https://www.poliisi.fi/en/national_police_board/press_releases/1/0/defective_watermarks_in_the_finnish_passport_check_the_visa_pages_of_your_passport_73925