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Visas to China

Tourist and business visas to China within 3 - 6 working days.

Note! Transit passengers can stay in Beijing for up to 72 hours and in Shanghai for up to 144 hours without visa, when holding tickets for connecting flight (and a possible visa) to destination country. 

Chinese Visa Application Service Center started operating on 19.6.2018, from which day all visa documents go to Visa Application Service Center (instead of Chinese consulate) for further processing. The consulate will grant visas as before. Also, the Service Center launched a new online visa application and will not accept old forms anymore. Lähialuematkat and SoloVisa customers can either submit the online form into Visa Application Service Center's system or use service provided by us. Our service fee is 40 eur. 

To fill and submit online visa application to Service Center´s system by yourself, klick first online application link and then Quick Access - New Application Form. Print and sign after submitting (not that applicant´s signature is needed at page 1 and 8).

To use our service, provide us with carefully filled visa application submission service form. Klick for further instructions (point 2.).

Fingerprint submission needed

The Chinese consulate in Helsinki has informed, that tourist, business, private visit, crew member single entry and double entry visas would be granted without biometrics. So you do not need to visit visacentre applying for the visas mentioned above, you can deliver all the documetns to our office by mail or courier service,

Applyig for other visa tyoes all visa applicants between the age of 14 - 70 must book and personally attend an appointment at the Chinese Visa Application Service Center in order to submit their biometric data (fingerprints) for a Chinese visa. The biometric data will be stored for 5 years. Starting from 20.02.2023 you should submit the new fingerprints while applying for the visa with new passport. The Chinese Visa Application Service Center is located in Helsinki, Salomonkatu 17B, floor.

Instructions to submit the fingerprints:

Deliver all Chinese visa documents to Lähialuematkat office. Once the documents have been checked by us, we will call you to book an appointment for a personal visit to China Visa Application Service Center. You will receive an email from us confirming the appointment time, as well as detailed information on proceedings at the Service Center. Go and submit the biometrics on scheduled day between 09 – 12. In case you apply for an express visa, submit on scheduled day between 09 – 11:30. The Visa Application Service Center will start the visa process after the biometrics are filed. We will pick up the visa and inform you when it is ready for delivery.






Printable Visa Application Forms

The type of visa depends on the purpose of travel.

Visa type

Issuing a visa requires a clarification of the reason of the travel. Business and tourist visas entitle their holder to a short stay in the country, and working and study visas are issued for those residing longer. For a multientry visa, please check the availability in our offic

Single-Entry Visa

A single entry visa is normally valid for maximum 30 days (exceptionally for 90 days) within three months and entitles its holder to one return visit. The visa is meant for business trips or tourism. The visa is stamped upon entering and exiting China. After it has been used once, the visa is invalid/void.

Double-Entry Visa

A double entry visa entitles its holder for two trips to China, each trip maximum 30 days (exceptionally each trip 90 days), within six months. The visa is meant for business trips or tourism. 

Kindly note that in visa application form as well as in business invitation the dates of BOTH trips to China should be stated, otherwise the consulate might issue only a single-entry visa.

Multi- Entry Visa

With multi-entry visa it is possible to travel to China several times within six months or a year, as long as 30 days per separate stay is not exceeded. (In exceptional cases, a visa might be granted with rights for 90 days stay.) Multi-entry visa is provided for business or culture cooperation purposes only, and it requires an invitation from the business or culture cooperation partner organization in China.


Normal Processing

Please note that the prices are for holders of Finnish passports - others, check the price and availability in our office.

Visa Type Valid For Processing Time Price
Single-Entry Visa 2-30 (90) days / 3 months 5 - 6 working days 164€
Double-Entry Visa 2-30 (90) days / 6 months 5 - 6 working days 164 €
Multible-Entry Visa 30 (90) days / 6 months  5 -6 working days 164 €
Multible-Entry Visa 30 (90) days / 12 months 5 - 6 working days 164 €
Group visa Trip duration 7 - 8 working days 147 €/hlö

Express visas ( 3 - 4 working day processing time) are available for single, double and multiple-entry visa at the price of 266 €.

Required documents

The following documents are required for a visa application: a valid passport, COLOUR passport photograph, fully completed visa application form, flight tickets, hotel confirmation OR business invitation letter from Chinese company. For the holders of passports other than Finnish or Estonian check the requirements at our office as they might vary.


The passport must be valid for at least six (6) months at the moment of applying for a visa and there must be empty pages. The passport must be completely entact; if any page is even partially detached, the visa application might be rejected..


The application must include one official colour passport photo with white background. The measurements are 3,5 x 4,5 cm. The photograph cannot be more than six (6) months old.

Visa application form

From 1.8.2018 only fully filled and submitted online application form is accepted. You can either submit the online form into Visa Application Service Center's system yourself, or use our service, which will be charged 40 eur.

To fill and submit online visa application by yourself, Klick first online visa application and then Quick Access - New Application Form. Print and sign after submitting (note, applicant´s signature at page 1 and 8 needed).

To use our service, provide us with filled visa application submission service form. Klick here for further instructions (point 2).

Letter of Invitation

A hotel voucher or other document of the hotel reservation where you intend to stay (only for tourist visa applications) OR a personal invitation letter from Chinese friend or relative Note! When visiting friend or relative, a copy of the inviter's ID as well as a copy of official Chinese residence permit are required. In case if you are visiting a relative, the certificate from the Local Register office (Maistraatit) is required to prove the family ties. 

A flight voucher

A flight voucher or other document on your round-trip.

  • If the purpose of the trip is business or culture relations, flight tickets are not required.
  • If the purpose of the trip is business or culture relations, an official invitation from the business/culture relation partner organisation in China is required. Having an invitation, a hotel voucher and flight tickets are not necessary.

Foreigners residenting in Finland

Non-Finnish citizens should provide the original of the Finnish residence permit or copy of the Kela Card (both sides) when applying for Chinese visa.

For single and double entry

For single and double entry visa a single invitation letter from the business partner company is enough. In the letter should be included personal details of the invited person, purpose of the trip, as well as type of visa (single or double-entry). The invitation should contain the name of the inviting organisation, name of the contact person, phone number and email. The invitation must be signed and stamped by the inviting organization. Copy of invitation is enough, the original is not required.

Multiple entry

A multiple visa can not be obtained with just a simple invitation letter, the invitation must be official ”The Invitation Letter of Duly Authorized Unit” or ”Confirmation letter of invitation”. Those who want to apply for multi-entry visa might request their cooperation partner organization in China to arrange such an invitation through one of the following organizations: Municipal Foreign Affair Office, Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Foreign Economic Relations & Trade Commission, International Trade Promotion Commission, Foreign Trade Bureau ja Economic Cooperation Bureau.

Note. If applicant for visa had visited China during last year at least three times and has in his passport three according stamps, then he might obtain multi-entry visa just with a simple invitation letter from the cooperation organization. 

Keep the invitation letter with you throughout the trip, since it must be presented to the border authorities upon arrival in China.

If your visiting organization changes during the duration of your multiple-entry visa, you will need a new invitation. Border authorities may make a security verification call to the contact number in the invitation.

Visa terms and conditions

When the application has entered into the process of acquiring an invitation or visa,  it can not be cancelled or changed without cancellation or changing charges. Cancellation charges are 100% of the total price of visa.
Russian Tours Ltd is not responsible for any price changes made by the Chinese consulate or Ministry of the Interior of China, nor for the costs occurred by changes in the visa process or regulations. All prices are presented without liability.

You can enquire about processed visas directly from our visa service, tel. +358 9 6689 5735.

Visa application form to China

Downloadable Visa Forms to China (PDF)