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Visas to Mongolia

Visas to Mongolia

Travellers to Mongolia need a visa. The visa is personal and determinate. It gives permission to cross the border and stay in the country. The type of the visa is based on the reason for the trip (e.g. tourism or business) and the lenght of the stay, for instance.
Acquiring a suitable visa is fast and easy through us. Please note the following factors when ordering a visa:

Visa Type

Visa type depends mainly on the number of border crossings. We provide two kinds of visa: single entry and transit visas.

Single-Entry Visa

The single entry visa is valid for 2- 30 days and entitles its holder to one return visit. The visa must be used within 3 months of its issuance. The visa is stamped upon entering and exiting Mongolia. After its been used once, the visa is invalid/void.

Transit Visa

The transit visa is used for travelling through Mongolia to another country. It is valid 10 days and must be used within 3 months.


For finnish passport holders only, others, please check the availability and price in our office

Normal Processing Time

Mongolian consulate has moved to Stockholm, Sweden. Kindly note that we will add DHL courier fee of 90 eur into visa price. 

Type of Visa Valid For Delivery Time Price
Single-Entry Visa 1-30 days 9-10 working days 197 €
Transit Visa 10 days / 3 months 9-10 working days 110 €

For fast processing kindly contact our office: or 09 6689 5735 (Mo-Fri at 9 - 17)

Required documents for all nationalities

The following documents are required for a visa application: valid passport, passport photograph, completed visa application form and travel insurance certificate.


  • The passport must be valid for at least six (6) months after the validity of the visa ends and there must be empty pages. The passport must be completely entact; if any page is even partially detached, the visa application might be rejected.


  • The application must include one official passport photograph. The measurements are 3,5 x 4,5 cm. The photograph cannot be more than three (3) months old. Russian Tours can take official passport photographs at the office for a separate fee in our office in Vuorimiehenkatu (10 euros).

Visa Application

  • The visa application must be completed in according to the instructions. When applying for a visa, always fill in the order form for a visa application, indicating the requested visa type and method of delivery. If the visa application or order form have been completed inadequately and Russian Tours cannot reach the applicant, Russian Tours is not responsible for possible mistakes in the visa or visa delivery.

Visa terms and conditions

Russian Tours Ltd is not responsible for any price changes made by the consulate, nor for the costs occurred by changes in the visa process or regulations. All prices are presented without liability.
You can enquire about processed visas directly from our visa service, tel. 09-6689 5735.

Visa Application Form to Mongolia

Download visa forms to Mongolia as PDF