Oder your visa online - SoloVisa | Lähialuematkat

Oder your visa online - SoloVisa


  1. Go to www.solovisa.fi
  2. Click the country of destination
  3. Clik on the desired visa type and follow the instructions
  4. Fill and send the online-form. Remember your email address so that we can keep you posted on your order.
  5. Deliver the asked visa documents for us – the visa process will start 


We will send you three emails on your visa process, first one includes a link to your order and attached visa application form. The second one confirms we have received all documents, checked them and delivered them to consulate. The last email comes when your new visa is checked and ready for delivery. Also, you can follow your process online by clicking the link to your order.

Should you have any questions regarding SoloVisa or visas in general, please do not hesitate to ask for assistance. Visa specialist team, tel. +358 9 6689 5735 (Mo-Fri at 9 – 17), email: viisumit@lahialuematkat.fi.

Contact information – our offices

Corporate customer – ask for a free account to sign in the system to agree the terms of payment. armi@lahialuematkat.fi 

Go to SoloVisa – pick the language option fi/EN  

Closing days in consulates due to public holidays may delay the completion of visas. Follow the changes in opening hours in Lähialaluematkat release or SoloVisa news.