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Visas to India

Visas to india

When you travel to India, you will need a visa.

Online application form

Type of the visa

The type of the visa depends on the purpose of the travel.

Tourist visa

Tourist visa is multiple and it is issued for 6 months.


Business-visa is issued for multiple business trips for one year.


Employment-visa is issued for half a year or for a year, and it gives the right to stay longer periods in India and work there for Indian employer.


NOTE that the prices and handling times are for the owners of Finnish or Estonian passports only. Other nationalities, please check the availability, price and handling time from our office. 

Visa type Visa validity Handling time Price
Tourist visa 6 kk approx. 8 working days 100 €
Business visa 12 kk approx. 8 working days 191 €
Employment visa 6 kk approx. 8 working days 144 €
Employment visa 12 kk approx. 8 working days 191 €
Visa transfer to another passport   approx. 8 working days 55 €

Extra Services

Please note - the express visa can be applied only  by holders of Finnish or Estonian passports

Express Handling time Price
Express visa with either Finnish or Estonian passport approx. 4 working days 80 €

Necessary documents for the visa

The following documents for the visa process are necessary: passport, photograph and application form.


Passport has to be valid at least for six months with an empty page for a visa. Passport has to be in a good shape.

Photo (5 x 5 cm)

The only acceptable photo size is 50 x 50mm and must be in coloured (a recent photo). The official passport photographs can take at the Russian tour's office in Vuorimihenkatu for a separate fee (10 euros for 8 photpgraphs). 

Note! In case of the photographs is very different from the passport which is always happend with a children's passport. Please get the new passport before applying any type of visa.

Application form

Fill the application form carefully online, print and sign it (signature must be in both pages of the application form). 

Note! Please recheck every questions must be filled in and give the details that the embassy is needed, especially for a question "H" which is refered to a main address in India. If you forgot to fill in some informations from the online application form. When you print it out please fill in by hand writting.

Tourist visa

For tourist visa travel insurance certificate is not needed anymore.

Business and Employment visa

For the business visa an invitation letter from Indian company is needed. The invitation letter can be scanned. Another letter (support letter from employer) is needed from the Finnish company. There must be a mention, that all the expenses of the travel are paid by employer. Both letters must be written in English and there must be clear mention of the type of visa and he period of which visa is applied, e.g. one-year business visa with multiple entries. If only one business trip is mentioned, the visa will be granted for the duration of that trip only.

For the employment visa an invitation letter from the Indian employer, and also a work contract. Work contract should be form "expatriate assignment contract".

Foreigners (except Estonians) applying for business visa have to provide certificate from the Local registration office (Maistraatti) that they have been living in Finland as minimum for 2 years. If the home country of foreign applicant is outside the EU, the residence permit in Finland also must be provided. 

Visa transfer

Valid visa can be moved from the old passport to the new passport. You will have to fill the application form and choose "visa transfer". Print the application form, sign it in both pages, attach a photo and the both passports.

Visa terms and conditions

Russian Tours Ltd is not responsible for any price changes made by the Indian consulate or Ministry of the Interior of India, nor for the costs occurred by changes in the visa process or regulations. All prices are presented without liability.

Application forms

Online visa application form

Instuctions for the online visa application form

An example of a correctly filled out visa application form