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Finnish touroperator and visa agency Russian Tours Lähialuematkat has been at the forefront of travelling to Russia with its speedy, flexible and experienced service since its establishment in 1991. Russian Tours takes glory for over four million border crossings – and the amount keeps on growing. You're welcome to join the group! Book online. NOTE! All tours are cancelled until 1st of May due to corona virus pandemic. 

Beautifull lady in St Petersburg I St Peter Line Lähialuematkat

Day in St. Petersburg Cruise

Cruises are cancelled until 1st of May due to corona virus pandemic.
Church of the Savior Blood

City Break by train to St. Petersburg from 209 €

Take a train to St. Petersburg. Book online. Tours cancelled until 1st of May.
Russian Tours Visa Services

Visa Services

Visas to Russia, China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, India, Belarus.


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