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Visa application form to Russia

Download visa forms for Russia as PDFs from the following links

Application Form

Visa Form for US, Canadian, Georgian, Australian and UK citizens

If you are the US, Canadian, Georgian, Australian or the UK citizen, you must submit and complete an online application directly to the Russian Visa Service Center system. The above-mentioned PDF Application Form does not work.

If you are US citizen, we can also submit the online application on your behalf. For that we need you to complete a manual application (and send it for us together with other documents needed). The service fee is 50 euro. Fill out the application with a ballpoint pen and print on both sides.

Once you have completed the application, kindly contact our visa specialist so that we can check the most recent visa regulations for your nationality. tel. +358 9 6689 5735 (Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm) before continuing with the visa process.

Visa application instructions

The visa forms have been renewed starting 06.10.2010. There must be no corrections in the visa application. Markings in bold will be considered corrections. An incorrectly completed application will cause extra cost on the client for instance in the form of express fees.

The whole application must be completed with a ball point pen from start to finish. Ink and marker pens should not be used. A form completed by computer can be amended, if the corrections are made with a black pen.