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Visas to Russia

When you travel to Russia, you will need a visa, except visa free cruises. A visa is a personal and determinate travel document usually issued by a consulate or embassy of Russia. It gives its holder the right to cross the border and short term reside in the country. The visa type is based on the purpose of the trip and the length of the stay. Order your traditional visa or e-visa to Russia from our service. 



Visa type

The visa type depends mainly on the duration of stay and on the number of border crossings.

Single Entry Visa

A single-entry visa is valid for 2-30 days and entitles its holder to one return visit. The visa is stamped upon entering and exiting Russia. After its been used once, the visa is invalid/void. Visas are no longer issued with a separate car stamp.

Double Entry Visa

A double-entry visa entitles its holder to two trips to Russia within a period of three (3) months. The visa is meant mainly for toursim, business trips and cultural cooperation.

Multiple Entry Visa

A multiple-entry visa entitles its holder to multiple trips to Russia. The visa can be valid from one (1) to five (5) years. You are allowed to stay in Russia for a maximum of 90 days during a period of 180 days. If you need to stay longer than that, you need to apply for a working or student visa. 

If you apply for a 1 year visa with our invitation, you do not need any previous visits to Russia. For 1 year visa with your own invitation you will need a copy of one visa and entry stamps during the year. For 2 year visa you will need a copy of two previous 1 year visas and entry stamps of entering the country. If the previous visa is in another passport, attach a photocopy of that passport's information page.

E-visa ( Not valid )

With the Russian e-visa you can make one return trip to St. Petersburg, Leningrad and Kaliningrad for up to 8 days. The application process for an e-visa differs from a traditional visa. The e-visa is applied from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs system by filling in an electronic form in English or Russian. When applied independently, the e-visa is free of charge, but the responsibility for errors remains with the applier. Border authorities may prevent entry if there is even one mistake in the e-visa. With our service you will receive an e-visa without error and will continue your journey across the border without worry. Our service fee is 75 euro including consultation, electronic visa application, verification of the completed e-visa and delivery according to your order. Read more and order your e-visa from this SoloVisa link.  


Prices and processing times listed below pertain to citizens of the EU, excluding citizens of the UK and Ireland. The consulate may charge additional fees from other nationalities, and the processing times may be longer. Consult our customer service for details.

Single Entry Visas

Visa Types Valid For Delivery Time Price
Tourist Visa 2-30 days 8 working days 139 €
With your invitation letter written by a Russian company 2-30 days min. 8 calendar days 135 €
With your invitation letter issued by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs or the hotel 2-30 days 8 working days 135 €
Visa related to your working studying visa 30-90 päivää 8 working days 170 €

Double Entry Visas

Visa Type Valid For Processing Time Price
Without invitation letter, Tourism 2 entries / 3 months 8 working days 249 €
Without invitation letter, Business 2 entries / 3 months 8 working days 249 €
With your invitation letter issued by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs 2 entries / 3 months 8 working days 189 €
With your invitation letter written by a Russian company 2 entries / 3 months min. 8 working days 189 €

Multiple-Entry Visas

Visa Type Valid For Delivery Time Price
Without invitation letter, tourusm , 6 montes 6 monthes ((max 90 days 180 within 180 days) about 2 weeks 439 € 
Without invitation letter, normal processing time (business, cultural, sport, driver) 12 months (max 90 days within 180 days) Support processing 4-6 weeks, consular processing 8 working days 439 €    
Without invitation letter, fast processing 12 months (max 90 days within 180 days) about 2 weeks 439 €
Fast Processing 24 months 24 months (max 90 days 180 within 180 days) about 2 weeks 499 €
Fast Processing 36 months 36 months (max 90 days 180 within 180 days) about 2 weeks 589 €
With your invitation letter issued by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs 12 months (max 90 days within 180 days) 7-10 working days 339 €
With your invitation letter written by a Russian company 12 months (max 90 days within 180 days) about 2 weeks 339 €

Additional services

Services listed below pertain to application processing at the consulate.

Service Visa Type Price
Fast processing 5-6 working days Doesn't apply to Multiple-Entry Visas with invitation letter. Added to the base cost of the visa.  Please, contact our office for price
Fast processing 1-2 working days Doesn't apply to Multiple-Entry Visas with invitation letter. Added to the base cost of the visa. Please, contact our office for price

Shipping and Delivery fees

Delivery Method Price
Express Letter (Finland) 15 €
Express Letter (EU) 20 €
Matkahuolto (SoloVisa) starting 25 €
Jet-Pack (Finland) As agreed
Delivery to Airport (Finland) 85 €
DHL/Fedex As agreed

Prices subject to change. The Russian Consulate may change prices without prior notice. Please consult our customer service to get the accurate price.

Required documents

The documents you should send us are:

An original passport which has to be valid for minimum 6 months after the expiration of the visa that you are applying for with 2 blank pages in it. Note! Damaged or passports that otherwise are not in a good condition will likely be rejected by the consulate

A completed and signed visa application form. Application must be filled either with clear handwriting using ballpoint pen or typed and signed with ballpoint pen. Form to fill on computer (PDF).

One passport photo (b/w or colour, size 3,5x4,5 cm) which is not older than 6 months.

Travel insurance certificate in English. There must be information about the dates, insurance number, name as well as information that insurance covers medical expenses and repatriation. There must be also logo/stamp of insurance company along with name and contact details of the insurer. Contact your insurance company for a travel insurance certificate. If necessary, they can fax the certificate directly to our office. You can also buy insurance in our office.

Visa invitation letters

Business travellers and persons involved with cultural co-operation can also apply for a visa with their own visa invitation letters. The visa invitation letter is written by the company or organization. The consulate does not grant express visa processing for multiple-entry visas with visa invitation letters.

Provide us a copy of the visa invitation letter, stamped and signed by the manager of the organization. The letter has to be written according to the instructions (Finnish  PDF/ Russian PDF).
When you apply for a single- or double-entry visa with your own invitation letter, the visa processing time is at least 8 calendar days, and at least 11 calendar days for the multiple-entry visa. The processing time may be longer than stated.

When you apply for a multiple-entry visa, please attach a copy of your previous visa. You may normally not apply for a multiple-entry visa if your previous visa has expired more than one year ago. However, you are able to apply for a multiple-entry visa directly without this copy if you use the invitation arranged by our service. Make sure that the inviting organization has clearly stated 1-3 destinations (cities) on the form.

Underaged travellers

Children under 14 travelling alone or whose visa applications are unaccompanied with their parent's are required to submit following addtional documents for single entry tourist visa:

Signed and dated permission letter from one of the parents giving permission to the child to travel alone or explaining that the parent would be travelling with the child.

  • A copy parent's passport.
  • The consulate will require an insurance certificate also for the child. Children whose visa is applied with the parent, can be a certificate of the parent's travel insurance or card, which mentions that it "includes all accompanying children under 18 years old". A mere reference to family members is not enough and the certificate must contain a comment on the age limit. Children whose travelling alone must have certificate with their own name.
  • If the child has a different surname than the parent(s), the consulate requires an extract of the population register explaining the family relation. The extract of the population register is issued by the magistrate and can be faxed directly to our office upon request.
  • For a double or multiple entry visa for an underaged traveller, a copy of the mother's or father's visa is always required. The child's visa cannot be issued for a longer period of time than the parent's visa. Therefore it is best to to apply for the visas at the same time. A visa invitation is an assignment given to the consulate by the Russian authorities based on which a foreign national will be issued a visa of a certain type and for a certain duration to a certain destination. Tourists travelling to Russia do not have to worry about an invitation – Russian Tours will take care of it on behalf of their clients

Registering the stay - student visa

Foreigners that study in Russia for over 7 months have to register their stay at a hotel or the inviting organization within 7 days of arrival to Russia. The cost of registering depends on the duration of your stay.

Visa terms - registration for foreign citizens

All foreign citizens staying in Russia for more than 7 business days must register their place of residence into the Russian authority database. Registration must be done by the host according to the following information. IF YOU STAY AT THE HOTEL: The hotel is responsible for the registration upon your check-in, on your behalf. No further action from your side needed. IF YOU STAY AT THE PRIVATE RESIDENCE: The host of the private residence must make the registration and prove the ownership or registration to the residence. Go together with your host to the local post office (5 euro) or multifunctional center (free) for registration. If you have an inviting organisation mentioned in your visa, you can register there, too (30 – 100 euro). We recommend making the registration as soon as you enter Russia, preferably during the second working day. Ask for a receipt of registration. Kindly notice that the lack of registration may result in a fine of around 5000 rubles.

When the application has been sent to the visa or invitation process, it cannot be retrieved or changed without extra cancellation or alteration costs. The cancellation costs are 100% of the total visa price. 
Russian Tours Ltd is not responsible for any price changes made by the Russian consulate or Ministry of the Interior of Russia, nor for the costs occurred by changes in the visa process or regulations. All prices are presented without liability.

You can enquire about processed visas directly from our visa service, tel. (+358) 09-6689 5735.


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