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Lähialuematkat will provide you a visa to all corners of the world, to whichever country you decide to travel. The easiest way to order visa is to use our online service called SoloVisa. You can place an order in English or Finnish. 

To get started, just click on the country of destination and follow the SoloVisa instructions. You will be given detailed information about the visa requirements, prices and list of documents needed for a type of visa you are about to order. You will be able to send messages and visa documents via SoloVisa, such as a photo or a travel insurance certificate. Consulates require certain visa documents traditionally, so you have to bring or deliver them for us.Those include such as a passport and a signed visa application form. You will choose the document delivery option while placing an order.

You can easily follow your visa process online, and we will keep you posted as well. You will get 3 messages from us. The last one will tell your visa is ready for delivery according to the option you have chosen. 

In case you prefer making your visa order in a traditional way, you are always welcome to visit our office:

Lähialuematkat, Vuorimiehenkatu 3, 00140 Helsinki, open Mon – Fri 9 – 17

Lähialuematkat, Helsinki Central Railway station office, open Mon – Fri 10 – 18 (next to VR ticket sales office) 

Should you have questions regarding your visa, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our visa specialist team will be happy to assist you before or during your visa process.

Visa specialist team:  +358 9 6689 5735, email:

Kindly note, that we will start processing your visa order as soon all visa documents reach our office. Closing days in consulates due to public holidays may delay the completion of visas. Changes in opening hours can be followed by Lähialaluematkat main page or SoloVisa news.


Kindly notice, that SoloVisa instructions apply for citizens of Finland and other Schengen countries only. Contact our office if you come outside the Schengen area. 

Corporate customer

Ask for a free account to sign in SoloVisa,



Visas to Russia

We provide tourist-, business-, work-, student- and humanitarian Russian visas. For example, you can have your turist visa in 7 - 9 (regular processing), 4 - 6 (accelerated processing) or 1 -2 (rapid processing) working days.

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Visa application form to Russia

Visa application instructions and forms for Russia

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Visas to Belarus

Tourist, business, private and transit visas to Belarus within 6 - 8 working days.

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Visas to Mongolia

Tourist, business and transit visas to Mongolia within 10 - 12 working days. From this link you will get a transmongolian visa as well.  

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Visas to China

Tourist and business visas to China within 6 - 7 working days. From this link you will get a transmongolian visa as well.  



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Visas to Kazakhstan

Tourist, business, private and transit visas to Kazakstan within 12 - 14 working days.

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Visas to India

Tourist, business and employment visas to India within 6 - 8 working days.

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